Sunday, 3 October 2010

Uncertain how to model notelist

There are few phenomena that I am not sure this theoretical AI can model emergently (as a natural result of circumstances, instead of hardcoding explicit rules)

AI food/resource chain
Sex between AIs

Fear of change is still not accurately modeled?

How to solve ultimatum game

All basic emotions correctly modeled? Surprise and Expectation?
All basic motivator correctly modeled?

Anxious / tension - impatience
envy (social comparison -> aggression, predator behavior)
attitude to rules and order (don’t harm others, don’t disobey, etc)
Diplomatic Hint
Individuality (Difference than the rest, filling a niche)

responsibility (no vandalism for example) -> everything has consequences
how to model death as a loss you CANNOT recover
for economics simulation – loaning money and resources? How to simulate trading of resources, debt

ambushes and traps
befriending somebody just to gain opportunity to betray later
helping somebody ONLY if he is more useful, and leaving him otherwise

democracy where everyone has a say in the decision VS hierarchy of command
imagination and creativity and desire to show off what you made
pride / self esteem VS shame / blame / guilt / regret  - (with or without others opinion)
how to model sacrifice, taking the blame
taking revenge

How to model social comparison (men watch other men fight, etc, and compare to them)
reputation + interest in good reputation
jealousy, bribe

compassion / guarding and helping each other / gratitude
trade / good exchange
theft / lie / betrayal / cheat / fear
capture, enslave, exploit, power and domination and obedience, forbidden acts
drugs / escapism / hedonism / materialism

a secret (information as tradable resource)

hide and seek / chase / rescue / escape / excitement

tools of work (technology)
Protecting and escorting friends
Patrol paths

different species
different tribes in the same species
aggression within the group
non-lethal aggression, scaring, bluffing, territoriality

growing and speed of growth
aging and max age

How to model attention – the more the people , the less the importance of individual human
(cause resources are limited)

How to model perfectionism

AT FATAL OBSTACLE - denial - anger - bargaining – acceptance