Sunday, 3 October 2010


  • Result of the rules of the inanimate world (dead, indifferent)
  • Von Neumann self-optimizing and result-optimizing calculating machines – necessary as the world constantly changes and poses new challenges (problems) that emerge from its rules. By solving them, life survives, adapts and improves, so it can continue to live. No reason to do that if there are no problems J
  • Life has grown to great complexity - we do not know how we think, but we also do not know the vast complexity of organisms (1/3 known) and their importance and place in ecosystems
  • The meaning of life is to continue

Free will:
Human mind is entirely physical but so complex and granular, (considers many parameters, slightly different from human to human) that we DO NOT understand how it works and  so we attribute that decision making chemical process to an abstract idea called “free will”

The combined product of learning algorithms and environment.

Finds relations (patterns) between entities, but not necessarily:
  1. explaining why those relations exist
  2. searching in the real world

The combined knowledge of humans

Communication – mutual exchange of ideas in search of synergy
Morality – mutual exchange of support in search of synergy
Trade – mutual exchange of resources in search of synergy
Sex – mutual exchange of genes in search of synergy
Cooperation – mutual exchange of something in search of synergy

  • Endless sequence of challenges, failure is death, success is sex + slight genetic change (usually NOT beneficial)
  • Dangerous and harmful events can be beneficial - killing weak genes, allowing multiplication of those successful enough to survive
  • Evolution is not deliberate, it doesn’t see the future. It is a simple aimless bruteforce. Maybe this is one of the reasons genetic algorithms kinda suck for computing concrete problems?
  • Evolution is relatively slow, compared to organisms’ life span
  • Evolution is a continuous process that can be represented mathematically. It is a product of physical laws and chemical reactions. It is not an entity, not guided by some mysterious power and not sentient.
  • Pyramid of evolutionary dependencies - the simplest organisms are the supports, the complex achievements are at the top. Kill the supports and the structure will collapse, kill the top and the structure will just continue to grow.
  • Evolution is a great sum of events, there is never a single reason for a result, so no explanation of a result is entirely complete
  • Evolution does not improve single organisms but the whole gene pool. You, the individual, are not important, just a gene carrier. If your death is beneficial for the group, you will die – animal altruism phenomenon

A game without specified goal, useful as an exploratory tool instead.

- egoistic / amoral
- does not / cannot think - stupid
- not initiative, passive, lazy

Peacefully dealing with people you cannot stand :D