Friday, 13 August 2010

First Blood


My name is Nikola Shekerev. I have dedicated my life to playing, thinking about and making meaningful games. I got a degree in CS, currently studying psychology and arts (amateur at home) and interested in high-level game AI.

I have a tendency to analize, compress, classify information about games and the world in general (why these things are not so different - in another post) and record it all for personal convenience and use.

Why write a blog? People tend to disagree on subjective interpretations of objective reality so I need:
- agreed system of terms for remote reference
- tools to determine what is right and wrong in a game

In case you read this blog, please note that article order is important, this being the first post and the rest arranged chronologically

Conslusions are mine or derived from other people's studues. If I failed to provide an adequate reference, feel free to point me in the right direction. Credit goes where credit is due.

Here are some places you may find me as well: